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The Glass Cutting optimizer based on the PLUS 2D  cutting optimization  technology consistently delivers high yield layouts and is ideal for cutting glass, whether manually or using a CNC cutting table. The software not only accepts multiple sheet sizes, but also selects the best sheet for the job, generating optimum cutting patterns that not only save material, but are much simpler to cut further reducing time and cutting costs. 

Whether you are in window, glazing, tabletops, mirrors, auto glass or fenestration business, the software will dramatically cut down the waste, and maximize your profits. Simply define your part lists, the sheet glass sizes available, and optimize with a click of a button, to generate the cutting plans. 

Maximize your glass panel yields and reduce setup and assembly time : PLUS 2D is one of the best optimizers. Compare the utilization for yourself. Click here for some sample data and cutting diagram.

Accurate estimation of  your sheet glass requirements : PLUS 2D automatically selects the best sheet sizes, and can tell you what sizes and quantities have to be ordered.

Import part lists as text and CSV files : You can import your data into the package in various formats, apart from the standard windows copy and paste.

Nesting in blocks and Standard Shape library : You can nest your shapes within a rectangle for easy breakout. A number of standard shapes available in the parametric shape library. For other shapes you can always import a DXF file.

Link to CNC glass cutting tables : We already export the layout drawings as DXF with information on different layers which you can import into your cutting table link software. We also write out the data in standard formats. To know whether your CNC controller is supported or not Click Here!! Write to us for more information. 

Optional Features: To know the optional Add-On modules available with PLUS 2D - Glass . Some are given below. For more Click Here!

Sheet Glass Optimization Software : Link from PLUS 2D to CNC glass cutting table Sheet Glass Optimization Software : Bar Code Label Module (Optional Module)
Link to CNC glass cutting tables

Bar Coded Labels

Sheet Glass Optimization Software : Pattern Amendment (Optional Module) in PLUS 2D Glass Sheet Glass Optimization Software : Racking Add on Module in PLUS 2D Glass
Pattern Amendment Racking Module


Sheet Glass Optimization Software  - PLUS 2D - Glass : User interface

PLUS 2D : Glass User Interface


  • Multiple stocks sheets in a single job. Optimum sheets are automatically selected.
  • No limit on number of parts. Part rotation takes into account the grain direction.
  • Metric and English units (mm or Inches). 
  • Customize your output, download a sample here.
  • User control over cut complexity.
  • Simple User Interface, be productive in 5 minutes.
  • Import of data using simple copy and paste from spreadsheets and databases.
  • Output labels with barcodes. Additionally select the fields you want to print on the labels. 
  • Re-nest option : reject some layouts, and nest the remaining problem.
  • Cut simulation, and cutting instruction output.
Cutting pattern from Auto glass which includes shapes nested in blocks for easy breakout. The DXF output file is directly sent to the cutting table.

Cutting pattern from a Auto Glass customer. The DXF files are sent directly to the cutting table.

This cutting pattern created by the glass optimizer shows the cutting sequence.

Flat Glass cutting pattern from the glass optimizer with the cutting sequence.

If you are a CNC cutting equipment manufacturer check out how  we can develop a custom interface to your cutting tables.

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