Custom Offshore software development and consultancy services.

We have many years of experience with the offshore software development model and have developed full fledged engineering applications for our clients.  We provide custom  software development services as per client specifications with the aim of

  • Reducing  the development costs 
  • Reducing the time to market
  • Helping our customer compete successfully by delivering the best technological solution for his problem.

Nirvana Technologies, from India  represent one of the best software talents in the world, combining  the advantage of both quality and unbeatable prices.  

We have expertise in the following areas
  • Complex geometry algorithms
  • Nesting software, material optimization technologies, and rectangular nesting software solutions for glass cutting, sheet metal fabrication and sheet layout.
  • Software design and architecture
  • User Interface Design and Product Customization
  • Cost and Quantity Estimation
  • Applications embedded into CAD System like IntelliCAD, AutoCAD

Services are offered on the following Tools and Platforms

  • C/C++, MFC, Visual C++, Visual Basic.
  • IntelliCAD, AutoCAD, AutoLisp/ADS/ARX.
  • HTML/JAVA and other Internet Technologies.


OpenGl Rendering in a 3D Roof Design application.

Coupled with our sincerity and commitment, we have realized complex projects for customers all over the world and set up lasting customer relationships.

If you need to re-engineer or redesigning any CAD-Software feel free to contact us. We are only one click away!


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