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"We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit   Aristotle

Over the years we have established an excellent relationship with  all of our customers, through our commitment and our ability to deliver high quality solutions respecting both deadlines and budgets. Our priority is to exceed our customers expectations. We are proud to present their valuable comments....

Bharat Heavy Electrial Ltd  (BHEL)

Certificate from Bharat Heavy Electrial Ltd  (BHEL)

 R. Jayapal

Add. General Manager . (Outsourcing)


We have been using Nirvana's PLUS 1D/ PLUS 2D suite of cutting plan optimization technologies and have found them to be an effective solution in controlling material waste and saving time. We find that this Software PLUS 1D / PLUS 2D from M/S Nirvana Technologies Pvt. Ltd., 492, Sahakar Nagar Vibhag-II, Chembur, Mumbai is very good in terms of performance and their ability to customize it to meet our complex requirements.

The product support from  M/S Nirvana Technologies has been excellent, and we are delighted with their prompt response during integration with our SAP implementation. They have also largely addressed our complex requirements for splicing optimization of parts larger than available stock with their "Parts with Joints" modules for Plates as well as Structural. This feature is not supported in all other the software we have evaluated.

On 11th March 2009, our Executive Director Mr.V.Anandakrishnan, formally launched the Computerized Cutting Plan system which will contribute in a significant way to help us achieve the higher production targets. With the system going live, we can plan material issue and achieve material saving. In the longer run we hope to benefit further from lower inventory-carrying costs arising out accurate estimation of raw material requirements.

We wish M/S Nirvana Technologies Pvt. Ltd. all success in their future projects and products and applaud their team's efforts in tackling our complex and multifarious requirements.

Asahi Glass India Ltd.

Certificate from Asahi Glass India Ltd.

  Rajesh Anand

H.O.D (Design Department)


Our Organization is using PLUS 2D Glass Optimization Software from M/s. Nirvana Technologies Pvt. Ltd. at various plant in India and pleased to with its performance. The software is user - friendly, efficient, fast and its features match those of well known international brands. Its use has resulted in substantial material and time saving for us.

 We are currently in the process of implementing another tool from Nirvana, PLUS Replicam - Digitizing software, to help us to remove the uncertainty and reduce the effort involved in cutting shapes from templates. Nirvana has provided prompt support and accurate solution whenever the situation arise. We appreciate the efforts put in by Nirvana and have no hesitation in recommending their solutions.

We wish them success in their future projects.

Woody's Warehouse

Certificate from Woody's Wharehouse 

Murtuza Shahpurwala

We purchase the PLUS 2D software in December 2003. Its user-friendly interface, good optimization result and comprehensive documentation result output have resulted in huge increase in productivity  as well as minimization of wastage. After sales service and support has been very prompt and helpful. We are very satisfied with software and recommend it.


Certificate from PEB STEEL LLOYD (INDIA) LTD 

 Col. I. S. GIll (GM Operations)

D Vijaya  Bhaskara Rao (VP  Operations )


The management appreciates M/s Nirvana Technologies Pvt Ltd.for producing Nesting PLUS 1D & PLUS 2D Software. By putting this excellent software  in our production process, we have been able to reduce raw material wastage and improve our productivity by optimization of cutting plan.

Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.

Certificate from Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. 

 S. M. Talathi - General Manager 

(Project Management Cell)


We are currently using PLUS 2D (Professional)  for 2D nesting application of shearing operation. This software is developed by Nirvana Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 492 SahakarNagar, Vibhag 2, Chembur, Mumbai, India. 400071.

We further state that this software has been found to be working satisfactorily Ever since it was purchased.

Riddhi Siddhi Innovations (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Certificate from Riddhi Siddhi Innovations (India) Pvt. Ltd. 

 Lokesh Modi (Director)


We are using PLUS 1D Bar Nesting Software with PLUS Label Maker from M/s Nirvana Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai) for more than a year now, for our requirement of cutting channels and sections.

We have found the software to be fast and efficient while providing optimum nesting layouts. It provides accurate material estimates and has resulted in considerable saving of material for us. We have designed our own labels using the integrated PLUS Label Maker, which has helped in tracking parts and drops.

We recommend the software solution and wish them success in their endeavors.

Window Tech.

Robert Burger., USA.

"A great program, does exactly what we need"    

Information System

Coordinator, Frigoglas.

"PLUS 2D is easy to deploy  and use It has resulted in substantial saving for our company"


  Tony Feuer, Mexico

"I really appreciate the time you took to answer my questions. I found this attitude both rare and refreshing in a world that seems to be built  on the concept sell and run."

PolyVision NV.

Eddy Jansen - Project Manager,

"We are looking for optimization software for some time and finally came to Nirvanatec which offer and excellent solution simplified to use. Your support has been unique experience in speed and accurate answer. We are glad to have chosen PLUS 2D."   

Powerica Limited

Certificate from Powerica Limited

Bharat Oberoi - Director.


Powerica Limited Certificate of Appreciation is here by granted to : Nirvana Technologies for there software which has helped Powerica dramatically in cost saving in sheet metal bending and cutting schedules.

SP Fabricator Pvt. Ltd. 

 Certificate from SP Fabricator Pvt. Ltd. 

 K. J. Bhuri. - SP Fabricator Pvt. Ltd.


We are glad to inform you that, the 2D Optimization package provided by you has to be good with respect to speed and accuracy as compared to earlier software which we are using. 

SPH - Software 

Susanne Probst - Dortmund, Germany

The cooperation between Nirvana and us works really well. Nirvana not only implements our specifications but on that basis, they develop ideas of their own, which is very much welcome. This cooperation between Nirvana and us is definitely profitable.

CSI  - Gmbh

 Gerd von Spiess, Germany


It is a pleasure for me to introduce Mr. Shrikanth Swaminathan, and Nirvana Technologies. We at CSI, have had a delightfully profitable association of over four years with Mr. Swaminathan, during the course of our joint software development projects. He was the person responsible for the Design and Development of a suite of complex engineering applications in Windows environment, involving nearly 25 man-years of effort. During this time he not only demonstrated remarkable abilities in analyzing tasks, gathering requirements but also a coordinated approach to leading a successful team effort.
He has outstanding technical ability and an intimate knowledge of the modern software development processes, tools and technologies. Together with his drive and organized approach he makes a perfect partner to ensure a well managed and successful software development project.
I have no hesitation in recommending him and his organization, and wish them every success in all their  endeavors.
Should you have any further questions regarding my experience with Nirvana Technologies,  you can e-mail or call me.

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