Racking : Optional Add on Module.

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Racking is an optional module that helps to generate Rack Numbers for each part automatically and print it using Bar Coded Labels.

Concept of racking:

  • When glass is cut it can be racked into a slot, to prevent from scratching.
  • Racking is considered only for "Harp Racks", racks having slots.
  • The racks are decided depending on the properties of the racks and the sizes of the parts.
  • The rack numbers are generated such that the part in same group come one after the other, especially for insulated glass units, so that the pieces are in a order for making the units.
  • Rack nos. are output in the Bar Coded Labels only.
  • Each part is given a unique rack no. Eg: A5_26 means Rack type (name) A - 5th rack - slot 26


Sheet Glass Optimization Software : Racking Add on Module in PLUS 2D Glass

Racking - in PLUS 2D Glass

See PLUS 2D Online Help for more information.

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