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PLUS 1D is a Bar Nesting (multing) optimization software, which helps reduce the waste in cutting any 1D (lineal) material like pipe, bar, angles, sections, flange, rod, tube, channel, frame, profiles, extrusions etc. It automatically generates the optimum cutting plans once the part list, and the available stock has been entered. It has a simple user interface and you get the optimized result, with detailed reports at the click of a button. Click to see the sample cutting pattern.

The software finds application in Steel fabrication and is an invaluable tool for structural steel estimation. It helps you save material by reducing the offcuts (drops) and reusing them.

Key Benefits 

  • Simple wizard like user interface.
  • Import data(cutlist) from a variety of sources (tables, Comma Separated Value CSV files, spreadsheets etc.).
  • Quick solution.
  • Support for INCHES.
  • Support for cut thickness.
  • Support for inclined cuts.
  • Detailed output reports for cutting plan.
  • Layout drawings for more cutting details
  • Save and reuse offcuts (drops).

Bar Nesting Optimization software : PLUS 1D - User Interface

PLUS 1D : Bar Nesting and 1D Length Cutting Software

Optional add-on modules in PLUS 1D

Max 3 open Pallets
To avoid changing of cartridges often, you need to limit the number diffrent parts being cut at a time.
Best 1/2 Stocks
Automated and quick selection of stocks with lowest scrap.
Just input minimum and maximum length with step length.
For tutorial click here.
Import DSTV/ KISS files
Automate input of data from structural engineering software.
quick and accurate conversion into human readable format.
For tutorial click here
Adding Joints in Large Parts Miter Parts

Bar Coded Labels

Bar nesting optimization software : Adding joints in large part Bar nesting optimization software : Nesting Miter Parts in PLUS 1D Bar nesting optimization software : Bar Coded Labels Sections software - database software for sections

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