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Best 1/2 Stocks

Best 1/2 stock is useful for procurement and planning, here you can gave the stock size which is avilable in market from some range like 6M to 9M. it will tell you the which single or duble stock is best for your job or project.

If you have avilable stock with you range between 6M to 9M with some step lenth is 500 (For e.g 6000, 6500, 7000, 7500 is your stock sizes) . it will give you the best optimization result with all stock, you have dicide which is giving less scrap.


Best 1/2 stocks




Max 3 Open Pallets:

In fabrication vertical limit the number of diffrent parts to be cut at a time due to space constraints or manufacturing constrains.

In case of trasmission line towe manufatcturing industry, there is a production constraints that there are genrally 3/4 stamping cartridges available to stamp the lenghts being cut on the angle line. To avoid changing of cartridges often, you need to limit the number of diffrent parts being cuts at a time quantity of at least one of these  parts need to be cut before a new part can be taken up. This limit is the max open parts.

Max 3 Open pallets    





DSTV / KISS Import:

Imoprt: Automate input of data from stuctural engineering software. Quick and accurate conversion into human readble form.

Export: allows sending of cutting layouts to angle and beam lines directly

import dstv files




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