Large Parts with Joints : Optional Add on feature for PLUS 1D

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The part made using joints or has length more than that of stock length is called Large Part. In PLUS 1D you can automatically split the large parts into small pieces and than these small pieces can be optimize to maximize yield. Then there are some Joint Rules / Splicing Norms / Engineering constraints which are considered while splitting these large parts. This module is available with PLUS 1D version 6.xx and later.

Joints Rule/ Splicing Norms for flange and web

Sr. No. Rules Purpose Default values
1 Minimum part length consider for splitting It specifies the smallest part that can be considered for splitting. 2.5 meters (2500 mm)
2 Minimum  length of smaller piece of a part on splitting. This rule specifies that the split made should be greater than this length. 0.5 meter (500 mm)

Joints range for flange

Sr. No. Rules Purpose Default values
1 Minimum joint position It says the minimum split piece should not be less than this length. Part Length/5 = 0.2 * Part Length
2 Maximum joint position. It says that joint is not allowed after this position. Part Length/3 = 0.3333 * Part Length.

Large Parts with Joints  : Range of joint/ splicing for flange

Range for adding Joints in Flange

Joint range for web

Sr. No. Rules Purpose

Default values

1 Joint distance. It says web can split at this position. Part Length/2 = 0.5 * Part Length
2 Tolerance for Web joint. It gives the range in which the a web part can be split.

+/- 500mm

Large Parts with Joints  : Range for adding joints/ spicing in  Web

Range for adding Joints in  Web

Multiple Joints

Sr. No. Rules Purpose

Default value

7 Maximum Joints It gives the maximum number of joints allowed. 1

Adding Multiple Joints

Large Parts with Joints  : Adding joints in 1 dimensional large parts

PLUS 1D - Adding Joints in Large Parts

Key Features:

  • Simple user interface to insert Large Parts  
  • Automatic splitting of parts with a click of a button.
  • Parts are split such that they follow engineering constraints.
  • Manually edit or add new splits to a part.
  • Report in form of RTF giving details of splitting.

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Also see the Demo Movies For Large Part Module and Samples for more information


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