Large Parts with Joints: Optional Add on feature for PLUS 2D

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Large Parts with Joints: This is an optional add on feature that will allow you to split parts that need joints and then nest, this smaller pieces, so as to get a high utilization. The large parts can be parts that are greater in size than the available stocks or parts that require joints. Also this module is available along with PLUS 2D version 7.xx and later.

    There are some Joints Rule / Splicing Norms which are considered while splitting parts. These are as follows:

Joint Rules\ Splicing Norms for Large Parts: 

Large Parts with Joints : Joint rules / Splicing norms for large Parts

PLUS 2D- Joint Rules


 Large parts with joint : Insert Large Part

PLUS 2D : Define/Edit Part with Joints dialog

Key Features:

  • Simple user interface to insert Large Parts.
  • Parts are split such that they follow engineering constraints.
  • Automatic splitting of parts with a click of a button.
  • Manually edit or add new splits to a part. (Click here)
  • Display of part of with splits.
  • Report in form of RTF giving details of splitting.

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