Concept of Parts with Joints (Optional) 

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 A part with Joints or having size greater than that of stock is called a Large part. A large part can be a part whose either length or width is larger than length and width of the available stocks or a part which is made by joining different smaller parts.

E.g. : The available Stock size is 1275 x 3015 mm and the required part size is 1542 x 5380 mm, as shown below. This part will have to be defined as a Large part, a Part with joint, as it cannot be made from given sheet.

  Nesting Software :Concept of Parts with Joints or Splicing Norms in Large Parts

In order to make a Large part many small parts, shown by hatched lines, have to be joint. In the above figure there are 4 parts of different sizes that needs to be Joint together, to obtain the required part.

PLUS 2D provides information about how to split these Large Parts and nest the smaller parts obtained together, so that maximum utilization is achieved.

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