User Defined Joints (Optional)

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PLUS 2D gives user the option to either split the parts with Joints Automatically or with his own Joints.

For User defined Joints the check box of User Joints, on the Define/ Edit Part with Joints Dialog..., has to be checked. Only after checking it the table on this page will become editable.

Now you can input the Cut Type you want, i.e., either a Horizontal cut or a Vertical cut. The Cut dimension has to be specified in the column besides it.

The Level 1 cut can be either of the two allowed cut types. But the level two cut known as the sub-plate cut depends on the Level 1 cut only, i.e., if the Level 1 cut is Horizontal then the sub-plate cuts will all be vertical and vice versa.   

 Level 1 Horizontal cut

Level 1 Vertical cut

Horizontal cuts in large parts

Joint or Splicing Norms in Large Parts : Vertical cuts in large parts

 If after a horizontal first cut, horizontal cut is given then we will have joints as shown below. The same is true for vertical cuts.

 Joint or Splicing Norms in Large Parts : Horizontal cuts in large parts


Now let us make a part with User defined Joints.

We will have a Rectangular part with length as 4500 and width 3750. Check the User Joints checkbox.

when we will click validate the Rectangle will be seen in the preview window.

Now, We select Horizontal as Level 1 cut with dimension of 1500. Than we will have the 3 vertical cuts at dimension as shown in the table.

Joint or Splicing Norms in Large Parts : Horizontal cut first

Joint or Splicing Norms in Large Parts : Grid to add user cuts

 Similarly, you can input as many cuts as you want.

In Above fig 1st cut is at 400mm, 2nd cut relative to 1st cut is at 1000mm ie, from origin / start point it is at 1400mm. 3rd cut is at 1600mm relative to 2nd cut (ie from 3000mm from origin or start point ).

In the last column the remaining part length is shown. The tool tip in this table will give the length of the cut for Horizontal cut and the remaining upper side length for a vertical cut. This is useful in case of Trapeziums.

You can validate the cuts as you input them. On completely defining the cuts click ok. The part will be added to Shape page parts table.

Note: The Type column in the Shape page table will show LU  signifying that it is a Part with User defined Joints.

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