Joints Rules or Splicing norms for Large Parts

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 A part with Joints or having size greater than that of stock is called a Large part. A large part can be a part whose either length or width is larger than length and width of the available stocks or a part which is made by joining different smaller parts. But there are some rule\ norms which we have to be consider while adding joint in large parts. To see the rule select the option 'Joint Rule' from Tool menu, you will get a dialog box as follows :

Splicing Norms or Joints Rules for large part

Min Distance from Edge : It is the distance consider while adding cut\joint from the any edge of large part. Here default value is 400mm. Means when you are going add a joint you should remember that every split distance should be away from 400mm.

Min Stagger Dist : It is the distance is consider while adding cut to avoid plus joint. When we add cut the minimum stagger distance is 200mm.

Min split size (for rectangular part): When we add joints in large parts we have to take care that minimum size of split part is 1000 x 500 ie, minimum length 1000mm and min width 500mm.

No. of joints : There are some limitations while adding the no. of joints. These are depends on area of large parts.

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