Wooden Reels Optimization Software - PLUS Reels

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PLUS Reels software is Wooden Reels optimization software that will help to reduce the waste in manufacturing of reels by delivering high yield layouts. It calculates the layers required to make the disc depending on the thickness of the disc and the thickness of stocks available. It also determines the dimensions and the shape of strips required to make the layers. With the stock available information, it generates high yield cutting plans, thus reducing the waste while cutting the strips.

Application Areas

  • Shipping Application for CATV cable, Fibre Optic cable, Aluminum tubing, etc.

Reels Optimization Software - PLUS Reels : Flow Diagram

PLUS Reels : Flow Diagram

Reels Optimization Software - PLUS Reels : UI

PLUS Reels : User Interface showing the Stocks in the background and Disc Page in the foreground



  • Auto / Manual Strips creation for layers of a Disc.
  • Auto / Manual Layer Creation for a Disc.
  • Optimize and generate cutting plans for strips.
  • Graphical display of the strips in a layer. 
  • Supports trapezoidal strip of any angle. 
  • Maintain Stock Inventory. 
  • Multiple materials in a single job. 
  • Import Stock and Disc data using Comma Separated Value (CSV) files. 
  • Customizable RTF report. 
  • Simple User Interface.


  • Saves time and effort.
  • Locate and reuse offcuts.
  • Support for Kerf.
  • Work in Metric and English units.
  • Generate Strip Labels with optional module PLUS Label Maker.
  • No Learning curve, ready to use. 

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