Nesting and Panel Optimization Software - PLUS Cabinet : Affordable Software for small modular furniture manufacturers.

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PLUS Cabinet  Based on PLUS 2D nesting technology, it provides a one stop answer for your estimation, quotation and sheet layout needs. It accurately estimates material requirements, and provides the answer you need, in a fraction of the time it takes to calculate manually.

PLUS Cabinet is the most cost effective tool that can add to your business.

Application Areas: PLUS Cabinet  is useful for small modular furniture manufacturers who are cutting rectangular parts with Panel Saw.

Nesting Software : PLUS GlassShop

PLUS Cabinet : User Interface


  • Immediate productivity, no learning curve, simple wizard like user interface.
  • Multiple stocks and multiple parts.
  • Copy paste data from spread sheets and databases.
  • Integrated Inventory database allows efficient stock tracking and offcut control.
  • Estimate material requirements, and generate quotes.
  • Easy Upgrade path to PLUS 2D for larger jobs.
  • Comprehensive statistical and graphical reports.
  • Reports available in RTF files that can be printed, edited and e-mailed.
  • Output includes complete layout drawing, part details, material requirements and balance lists.
  • Summaries of layout with nesting efficiency, areas of components, scrap percentages etc.
  • Edge Banding, Products and Parametric Products Library and Bar Coded Labels avialable as an Optional Add - On Modules.



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