Product and Parametric Product Library: Optional Add on feature for PLUS Cabinet

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Product and Parametric Product Library: This is an optional add on feature that will allow you get the cutlist for your products quickly. You have to define cutlist for the products once. You can get the cutlist anytime by just selecting the product name, entering dimensions and quantity of product.

Working with Product Library :

Enter the parts or cutlist for one Product in Parts Page Define the parts as a Product by name
Enter parts in Parts page of PLUS Cabinet Enter details of the Product

Importing parts for Product
Enter quantity for the Product and import

Working with Parametric Product Library :

Define the parts or cutlist for Parametric Product using variables Import parts for Parametric Product by entering values for variables
Enter parts for the Product using variables and define Product Enter values for variables and import parts for the Product

Key Features:

  • Easy to define products.
  • Define once and use it anytime.
  • Get parts or cutlist for enter Product on single Click.
  • User independent output.
  • Easy to import parts and estimate materials using PLUS Cabinet.


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