Optional Add on Module for PLUS 2D (Non-Rect Large Part)

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Non-Rect Large Part

For this optional module, we consider a part as Large Part if it is larger than the available stock size either in Length or in Width but not both. The part also has to be non-rectangular. The large part can be input as a Parametric Part or from a DXF file or from a DSTV file.


Application Area:

Engineering Buldings.
   Hevay Fabricators.
   Cargo Body Builders.

This module allows the part to be split either in X-direction or in Y-direction only.
You can specify certain conditions:
a. Maximum number of joints (less than 5)
b. Minimum length of the split part

General Split Rules.

The user interface below allows the users to specify splits for a number of parts at a time, which can include both horizontal and vertical split. There is also validation which ensures that the minimum length of split part is maintained.

GUI for split multiple large parts

Key Features:

  • Simple interface to split parts
  • Allows to verify the result of split, can be used iteratively to arrive at the right joints quickly.
  • Saves timed and material. 
  • Convection followed to identify split parte. 
  • Output contain part drawing with split information.

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