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PLUS Slitting Software is an Trim optimization software which helps reduce the waste in Slitting Coils, Paper Rolls, Cloth, etc. Once the Coil available and the parts required to be cut are entered, at the click of the button it gives the complete cutting plans, and detailed reports.

PLUS Slit : Trim Optimization Software : User Interface

PLUS Slitting : Trim Optimization Software

Key Benefits

  • Simple Wizard like User Interface.
  • Support for Metric and English units like mm, m, Inches.
  • Multiple Material in a single job.
  • Import Data via Comma Separated Value (CSV) files.
  • Tailor made reports in the form of RTF file, with all the details in simple and concise form,  for the shop floor.

PLUS Slit : Trim Optimization Software : Result Page

PLUS Slitting : Results Page

Application Areas:

  • Sheet Metal Coil Slitting Application

  • Paper Roll Trimming Industries

  • Fabric Slitting



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