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PLUS BOMGen - This is a software that will help you generate Bill Of Material for the products that are defined by you.

It has two parts, viz., BOMDEF and BOMGen.

BOMDEF - With this you can define your new products or edit the existing product information. You can generate the RTF output of the product.

BOMGen - With this you can generate the Bill of Material of the specified products. You can also have RTF report of the job.

PLUS BOMGEN : User defined product selection page whose BOM has to be generated

PLUS BOMGen : Bill Of Material Generation Software

Key Features:

  • Define parametric products using variables.

  • Allows you to Add all the items like Hardware, solutions, etc. required to make the entire product.

  • RTF report of the entire job.

  • Export 1 Dimensional  and 2 Dimensional elements to PLUS 1D and PLUS 2D respectively, for Nesting and material Optimization.




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