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PLUS BEND – Bending Software: is a software which automatically calculates the total flat length of bent component, after the user has fed all the necessary information regarding the bent component, at the click of a button the flat length of the component is calculated. Thus after obtaining the flat length of the bent component and its width we can get the size of the blank to be cut from the stock.

This data can be exported to PLUS 2D for generating cutting layouts for material optimization by a simple click of the button. The software can automatically develop the bending schedule and the marker diagram for the bent component.

Application Areas: PLUS Bend is useful for Cabinet Manufacturers, Manufacturing of Industrial Enclosures, HVAC and Door Manufacturers and a range of industries in Sheet Metal Bending.

 Bending Software - PLUS Bend  : Bend Allowance Calculation software - User Interface

PLUS BEND : Bend Allowance Calculation Software


3D View:

To get 3D view of Go to View and select 3D view option. The 3D view is as below:

User can customize or set the view as per requirement.

Click on the Left and Right and Left arrow on the toolbar to naviget through the patterns.


  • Support for multiple components within the same job.
  • Simple Wizard like User Interface.
  • Transfer developed blanks to PLUS 2D on click of a   button for nesting. 
  • Support for Metric and English units (mm or Inches).
  • Calculate K-factor using K-factor wizard.
  • Detailed RTF output in a simple and concise form.
  • Scrolling and zooming support in tables.
  • Feeding of calculated k factors for new material in the k factor table.
  • Get Part view in 3D form.



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