Manage Stock Inventory (Tools menu)

PLUS Slitting maintains an inventory database, into which offcut and stock status can be added automatically . The user can perform the following tasks with the inventory database. This inventory database is protected with the password protection. To edit data in the inventory, click "Edit Inventory".

Add Stocks : Just press tab in the last column of the last row, and a new entry will be automatically created. You can enter the data for a new stock.

Delete Stocks: just select the row, and press delete.

Note: If the no. of rolls of the stock is lower than reorder level, that stock  is highlighted in the red color. In this grid the column width of the columns can be adjusted. In this grid the column width of the columns can be adjusted.

Stock Stock name. For automatically added offcuts it defaults to a name made by the concatenation of  "DB" + Material Name + Length. This name should be unique.
material Stock material.
Width Length of the stock.
Offcut Checked if it an Offcut.
Rolls No. of Rolls of stock available
Location Where the stock is available. You can store the rack number etc.
Cost / Piece or Cost / Width (m or ft) You can either give the cost per unit width of the stock or cost per piece of stock. To select the mode of data input select the Tools>Options menu and check/uncheck  'show cost per piece in inventory'. 
End Trim Specify how much length has to be cut at both the sides of the stock. To allow for removing damaged ends. Zero by default.
Reorder Level When stock reaches the reorder level or quantity, new order for that stock is given.
Vendor It is name of the vendor or supplier of the stock.
Remarks For an offcut that has been automatically added, this gives the quantity of offcuts added, the Job name and the date.

Delete all the stocks, that have a zero quantity.
Update the inventory database, and exit to the package.

Cancel any change made to the inventory database.
Allows the user to change password.
Allows editing of the material database.

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