Import Stocks From Inventory (Stock Page)

If you have added stocks into the inventory database, or you have automatically updated some offcuts (drops) in an earlier job, you can import such stocks for use in the current optimization using this dialog. This is in addition to any stocks you input directly in the stock table.

All the details of all stocks available in the inventory are displayed. Only the "Select" column of the table is editable. Just select the stocks you want to use in the current job, by checking the select box. Click on the Select All toggle button to select all the stocks.

Note: Often some stock in the inventory is reserved for a particular job, and cannot be used for another. Sometimes a stock may not be available for use as it is stored in a different location. In such cases the selection facility is very useful.

Press the import selected stock button to import the stocks in the stock page.

Note: If the no. of rolls of the stock is lower than reorder level, that stock is highlighted in the red color.

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