Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum input required ?

The two basic input requirements are Stocks and Slits. Every Stock requires an ID (this has to be unique), Size (Width) and No. of Rolls available. Similarly slits require an ID (has to be unique), Size (Width) and Required No. of Rolls.

Does the ID of the Stock/Slit have to be numeric ?

The ID of the stocks and slits can be made of any alphanumeric characters. Only keep in mind that the ID's have to be unique.

Can I print the PROJECT name, and page numbers on every page ?

Yes, you can do a lot more than that using the Customize Header option.

In what units are the sizes of the stocks and slits input ? Can I use INCHES ?

You can select your preferred units using the TOOLS->Unit Settings Menu.

Thought the entire stock is not used, I am getting the utilization as 100 % Why ?

Check if the "Allow Offcut" setting is ON. Probably, the remaining piece is larger than the minimum offcut size. In such a case the remaining piece is NOT considered as waste.

Help, I seem to have lost the TOOLBAR ?

Go to the View->Toolbar menu, and ensure that the toolbar is checked.

What is combining of slits?

Combining of slits means adding slits of same width, Material and cut allowance in a single entry. For more help see combine slits

I got a message that "Cost per unit Width of the stocks seems to be very different". What do I have to do ?

This is a warning message. The software tries to minimize the cost of all the layouts. Therefore it will try to use the stocks in such a manner, that the overall cost of all the stocks utilized is minimum. The above message means, that PLUS-Slitting has found that one of your stocks is much cheaper than the others. This could be an data entry error, so the package giving you a warning message, so that you can double check the data.

Can I get the cost of the powder coating material in the output ?

You can have the cost of the powder coating material in the RTF output.