Nirvana’s PLUS Replicam implemented at Asahi India – Rewari plant.

PLUS Replicam from Nirvana Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been implemented at Asahi India automotive glass plant at Rewari. This has simplified Asahi’s process of accurately cutting the glass based on the templates of the automobile manufacturers. Using PLUS Replicam, with a good digital image of the template, they generate the shapes in the form of CAD drawings quickly, with a high accuracy. This is then transferred to the Nirvana’s PLUS 2D Glass Optimization software for optimizing the quantity of glass required for manufacture. PLUS 2D Glass generates optimum cutting plans, optimizing the utilization of glass and thereby reducing waste. This has resulted in time saving for the company and they also are not constrained by the digitizers.

PLUS Replicam - Digitizing software to Replicate Templates helps to generate accurate drawings of complicated shapes quickly from digital Images. Starting with a digital photograph of the template, PLUS Replicam calibrates the image and generates the outline of the shape with a smooth tangential contour suitable for CNC. The output is in the form of CAD drawing. These CAD files can be used for further processing. Complicated shapes, holes, cutouts, etc. can be digitized. Major benefits include speed and flexibility of the size of the template. Also, there is no need for investment on expensive digitizers or digitizing tables.

PLUS Replicam  – Digitizing software

PLUS Replicam  – Digitizing software

Photograph of Template

CAD output of PLUS - Replicam

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