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Digitizing Software to Replicate Templates PLUS Replicam : Version 1.xx is released

August 15, 2008 - Nirvana Technologies is proud to release PLUS Replicam : Version 1.xx, a digitizing software that helps you generate accurate drawings of complicated shapes quickly from digital images. Start with a photograph of your template, calibrate the image in PLUS-Replicam, and trace the outline of the shape automatically or manually and save it as a DXF file. This file can be integrated into your workflow for downstream activities like order entry, production planning, optimization etc. Optionally, you can create the NC codes for the shape.

The latest release is available for immediate download from our DownloadCenter.



Photograph of Template

CAD Output of PLUS-Replicam

Replicam Input and Outout feature

Replicam Input and Outout feature

About Nirvana Technologies :

Nirvana Technologies is an India based company providing nesting software for sheet metal fabrication, glass cutting, sheet layout, woodworking industries and offering custom software development services in CAD/CAM. It is a registered software exporter under STPI having expertise in engineering optimization, complex geometry algorithms, and applications embedded into CAD systems.

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