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Bar Nesting Software PLUS 1D : Version 9.xx is released

September 22, 2014 -- Nirvana Technologies is proud to release PLUS 1D : Version 9.xx, which helps reduce the waste in cutting 1D (linear) material like pipes, bars, flanges, tubes, channels, profiles, extrusions,etc. It also introducing new module Miter Parts, which helps to nest parts having inclined cut at the end. The software is also very useful in structural steel estimation and fabrication. It helps you quickly and accurately  estimate your requirements of Steel, Powder Coating, etc.

The latest release is available for immediate download from our Downloadcenter.


Nesting saves material and reduces scrap : The nesting technology is based on advanced cutting algorithms specifically designed to optimize the cutting layouts in shearing. It consistently delivers high utilization layouts, significantly reducing the waste and maximizing productivity.

Automatic Nesting saves time, and shortens production cycle : PLUS 1D helps industries that are involved in cutting bulk volume of one-dimensional Stock material, by saving material and shortening the production cycle.

Quickly and accurately estimate your material requirements : PLUS 1D not only gives you the optimum cutting layouts but can also tell you what lengths of stocks should be ordered.

No Learning curve, be productive in 5 minutes : Just input the stock available, the parts required and with a single mouse click produce the complete cutting plan.

This  version not only has an improved user interface, but also, an improved algorithm engine leading to increase in 
speed and greater utilization. Some of the other changes are highlighted below:


Optional add-on modules in available with  PLUS 1D :-
Adding Joints in Large Parts Miter Parts

Bar Coded Labels

Adding joints in large part Nesting Miter Parts in PLUS 1D Bar Coded Labels Sections software - database software for sections


About Nirvana Technologies :

Nirvana Technologies is an India based company providing nesting software for sheet metal fabrication, glass cutting, sheet layout, woodworking industries and offering custom software development services in CAD/CAM. It is a registered software exporter under STPI having expertise in engineering optimization, complex geometry algorithms, and applications embedded into CAD systems.

For further information contact:

G-16, Upper Ground Floor, Dreams Mall, 

LBS Rd., Bhandup(West).
Mumbai - 400 078. India

Tel:+91-22-21661600, +91-9222317496;  Fax: +91-22-39167297

e-mail:info@nirvanatec.com  Web: www.nirvanatec.com

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