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Nesting Sample


Part Priority:

In a large project, steel is partly procured in advance. But the actual requirement is based on the progress of work. For example, in a tall steel building, the time difference in the requirement for the lower floors and the top floors could be few weeks.

So the nesting software should ensure that the requirements of the lower floors should not be nested with those of the upper floors. PLUS 2D Metal software achieves this by providing a column for priority. It will ensure that parts with same or nearly same priority are nested together.

Priority: Parts can be assigned priority ranging from 0 to 9. This has to be sequential, I.e., a priority cannot be left out in between. For example, if parts are given priority between 0 to 4, there must be at least 1 part for every priority value.

Part Priority

Look Ahead: In practice, nesting parts of the same priority together will lead to remnants (offcuts) in the last 1-2 layouts. To avoid this, the concept of Look Ahead is introduced.

a) This starts with a value of 1 and can go up to 1 less than the highest priority value.

b) For example, if the highest priority is 5, Look Ahead can have a value between 1 & 4.

LookAhed Value


 1. Parts with the first priority (0) will be nested. If there are offcuts in any layouts, then parts from the next priority will be tried to be nested if it is within the Look Ahead range. This will continue till the offcuts are used or there are no more parts to be nested.

2. If there are remaining parts in the next priority, these will be nested and the cycle continues.

3. Let us take an example. There are parts with priority 0 to 4 and the Look Ahead is set to 2.

            a) This will mean that first parts with priority 0 will be nested and parts from priority 1 and 2 will be nested to cover the remaining area.

          b) Next parts with priority 1 will be nested. For the remaining area to be covered, parts with priority 2 and 3 will be considered for nesting.

          c) Next parts with priority 2 will be nested and the cycle continues till parts with priority 4 are nested.


DSTV Import:

Automate input of data from stuctural engineering software. Quick and accurate conversion into human readble form.

PLUS 2D Metal nesting software have ability to imoprt DSTV file With RMCode, MarkNo details like this.

   Dailog box for DSTV Import


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