Settings Page

Specify the project specific and optimization related settings. The settings will appear in the output report.

Project Project Name.
Job Your Job reference number.
Customer Customer Identification code.
Remarks Field that can be used for specifying color, finish, and other user attributes.
Issued By Issued By person.
Date Date the job was nested.
Allow Offcuts The rests (remaining pieces) larger than the Minimum Offcut Size are identified, and highlighted in the result page. These offcuts can be automatically saved and reused on the next job.
Loss per Cut

This loss is treated as waste in the calculation of percentage utilization in PLUS Slitting. Some systems do not consider this as waste.

Max. No. of Knives Maximum no. of knives that are possible in the slitting machine.
Quick Results Usually gives a result in a matter of seconds.
Optimized results Usually takes longer than quick, and often gives a better result than the quick results.
Optimizes the given job, and generates the layouts. You are automatically taken to the Results page.
It saves the current settings as defaults to be used for new Jobs. The settings saved are Issued by, Allow offcut or not, Minimum offcut size, Loss per cut and Optimization time (i.e. Quick or optimized).

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