Vetromac NC file generation and Transfer

   1.  Do I have to do any settings before making the NC codes for Vetromac?

You will need to do the following one time setting before you start making the NC codes file.

Select the menu NC Links->NC Options...

You will see the following NC Controller Settings dialog...


For e.g.: If your selected NC Directory is D:\NC_Code Then in D: .ISO, .BMP, .XML files will get automatically generated for each Layout.


   2.  How can I make NC code file for Vetromac in PLUS 2D?

To make the Vetromac NC file follow the steps shown below.

     PLUS 2D will write out the .ISO, .BMP, .XML files into the directory set during NC Options.


  • Copy all NC files( .ISO, .BMP, .XML) generated from PLUS 2D into the USB drive .

  • Insert the USB drive in the Vetromac Machine computer with Smart Page running on it.

  • Now delete all previous files from the Smartpage ISO folder. (C:\Banco_Taglio/ISO)

  • Copy all the NC files from Pen drive into the ISO directory of Smart Page (C:\Banco_Taglio/ISO).

  • Press Reset button on Smart Page an start Cutting process

Layout details in BCMS