Bottero OPT file generation and Transfer

   1.  Do I have to do any settings before making the NC codes for Bottero?

You will need to do the following one time setting before you start making the NC codes file.

Select the menu NC Links->NC Options...

You will see the following NC Controller Settings dialog...


1. By default the controller enabled by Hardware Lock is selected and the NC directory is set to "C:" If the List shows NONE then NO controllers have been enabled in your lock and generation of NC codes is disabled.

2.  For Bottero Shape you will require one more directory called DAT. 

For e.g.: If your selected NC DFor e.g.: If your selected NC Directory is C:\tmp. Then in C: you will have to create a directory named DAT.


   2.  How can I make NC code file for Bottero in PLUS 2D?

To make the Bottero NC file follow the steps shown below.

PLUS 2D will write out the .OPT files into the directory set during NC Options.


   3.  How can I transfer Bottero NC file (.OPT) into the Bottero Machine ?

This will copy all the required files from Floppy disk into the appropriate directories in BCMS.

Now to view this Optimization file click F4 and select the file that you have saved from the shown list of files. Once it has loaded the file, you are ready to cut the patterns.


Detail information of  Loading,  Copying of optimized file and display of Part Identification Number (data) in  optimized layout on BCMS

     1. Copying

Copying of optimized file on BCMS can be done in two ways.

   1. Using a Floppy disk/ USB - In this case transfer the folder containng .OPT files in floppy disk.

    2. Via network - Copy the folder containng .OPT files on comman network.

Before that you have to set the required paths. For that press 'Alt' key. Then select 'Path' option from File menu and you will get the a dialog box. By filling that you can set desired path from which you want to copy the files just like - network path, Floppy drive etc.

Start the BCMS software.

To copy desired files press Ctrl + F2. A dialog will appear in that select the source from where you are copying .OPT files (Floppy disk / USB or network).

Select the destination to where you want to copy the files.
Select the desired mode if you want to remove file from source and copy to destination to make space free. and Overwrite confirmation option is provided to overrite the files if same name files are already present in destination. It ask to operator if it is enabled

Then select the type of files.For copying optimized files select 'Optimization' option and then press Copy button. Program option is provided for drawing a cutting diagram manually on BCMS.

Copying of PLUS 2D files to BCMS

2. Loading

After copying optimization file, to load that press 'F4', you will get a dialog box select the desired file. You can also use arrow keys to go on desired file and after slecting that press 'Enter' key you will get the optimized layout on that screen.

If you want go on another layout then press 'Ctrl+B', a dialog box will appeared. Enter the layout no which you want to see as well as cut on machine

Also you can use 'Ctrl + PageUp' button to select previous layout or 'Ctrl + PageDown' button to select next layout

Overall View is as shown Below.

Loading of opt file in BCMS
Layout details in BCMS

    3. Display of Part Identification Number (data)

 You can enable display of part number in the optimised layout (PLUS 2D - Version 8.xx or later). 

Press Alt then select Config->View. In the "View Config" dialog enable  Blank Information display. Next enable "Identification number" as shown in the figure.

   4.  For Network license version, it is not allowed to set NC folder path on client machine ?

 You can take out hardware lock from Server machine and attach  to Client machine from where you want to create NC files.

Now change the NC folder and Remove the hardware lock from client machine and attach it to Server machine again. 

  5.  For Network license, it is not allowed to generate NC files on client machine from Output page ?  

 You can select your NC option even from your Client machine, just click on the NC Links from Toolbar and then select Bottero  OPT.

NC files will get generated inside selected NC directory.